Going Green

Did you know that Bottled Water can be ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY?

Yes it’s true! The Water Express and our customers can help the environment. One way we can do this is by providing bottled water in large recyclable polycarbonate plastic bottles. These larger polycarbonate plastic bottles are the food and beverage industry’s primary refillable/reusable containers. Specifically, the 3 and 5-gallon polycarbonate bottles that are delivered to homes and offices across the United States are cleaned, sanitized and normally refilled 40-50 times. Then, at the end of their lifecycle, most polycarbonate bottles are recycled and later used to make carpet, toys, tool handles, bird feeders and other items. Since these bottles are returnable, reusable, refillable and 100% recyclable, you typically will not find recyclable polycarbonate bottled water containers in landfills.

If you use smaller PET bottles such as .5 liters at the gym, office or during your commute; please help us keep our landfills free of plastic packaging by doing your part to recycle through your local waste management system.

Water coolers offered by The Water Express that have earned the ENERGY STAR not only help organizations reduce their energy bills, but also can help make a difference for the environment. This is because products that earn the ENERGY STAR prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. ENERGY STAR qualified water coolers from The Water Express need only about half of the energy of conventional units to supply hot and cold water.

Type Typical ENERGY STAR
Savings (kWh/yr)i
Average US Savings
CO2 Emissions
Reduction (lbs/year)iii
Hot & Cold 361 $34 578
Cold Only /
Cook & Cold
47 $4 75

i Source: U.S. EPA Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP)
ii Using average U.S. commercial electrical rate of 9.37 cents per kWh. (Source: EIA Table 5.6.B. Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by Sector, by State, Year-to-Date through December 2006 and 2005 (Cents per kilowatthour).
iii Using average U.S. CO2 (lbs) per kWh of 1.60. (Source: US EPA ENERGY STAR)

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